Important Details About Fleet Management

In the US, fleet owners must follow federal regulations when operating their trucks on all roadways. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, nitrous oxide emissions are harmful to the environment and lead to serious repercussions. Local suppliers offer the right exhaust fluid required for fleet management.

Why Do Fleet Owners Need the Exhaust Fluid?

The diesel exhaust fluid is required by federal law to mitigate the risk of nitrous oxide emissions. According to the law, the fleet owners must use the exhaust fluid to convert the emissions into a hydrogen and water mixture that isn’t dangerous to the environment.

How Often is the Fluid Used?

The fleet owner is required to use the diesel exhaust fluid each time that they operate their trucks. Drivers are required to add to the exhaust fluid according to the dashboard indicators. Fluid levels must be maintained at all times, and the fleet owners must install containers and pumps on the vehicles for easy dispensing of the fluid.

How Does Law Apply to Fleet Owners?

The EPA regulation applies to all fleet owners who have any quarter-ton or larger trucks. All trucks must use the exhaust fluid according to the manufacturer’s recommendations for each vehicle. A failure to comply leads to failed safety inspections for the vehicles. The fleet owner could face monetary penalties for failing to use the fluid as directed by the regulation.

How Does a Selective Catalytic Reduction System Work?

A selective catalytic reduction system gauges the fluid levels and converts the exhaust fumes into a safer mixture. It indicates when the fluids are getting lower and cause the indicator light to notify the driver. If the driver doesn’t add more fluid to the vehicle, the system shuts down the vehicle until the fluid levels are restored.

In the US, fleet owners must the right amount of diesel exhaust fluid when operating their fleet trucks. The current federal regulations require two gallons for every 800 miles the large-scale trucks travel. The exhaust fluid prevents harmful gas emissions from becoming released into the environment and controls pollution. Fleet owners who want more information about the fluid contact a supplier right now.