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Everything You Need To Know About Expanding Earth

The Expanding Earth theory is one of the most controversial theories. Form a long time ago, we have been told that the size of the earth is constant. Everyone gets astonished when they hear about the expanding earth. There are observations that support the Expanding Earth model. However, most people don’t believe there is evidence that shows expansion. There are still a few who are curious to investigate facts that indicate that over geological time the earth has expanded. Professors of sciences and geology are the most known investigations of the Expanding Earth theory. There is still development in the history of the theory with new scientific observations being debated.

Simple reconstruction of the ancient ocean floor and ancient continents is the most known geological evidence that shows Earth expansion. The ancient continents have been in existence for more than 3,800 million years. According to geological time scale, the ocean floor is young and ranges from just about 200 million years. The theory suggest that when dinosaurs evolved, today’s ocean floors were not there.

The Expanding Earth theory uses animated reconstruction by se of spherical trigonometry. It suggests that the ancient floor were unlikely to fit precisely together to form a complete sphere. What this means is that there is a low chance of formation of the Expanding Earth. This is because the irregular shapes that did not fit together would have formed a small earth.

Another unknown reason as to why the Earth expanded is what could be behind the increase in size. Different people have come up with different suggestions. Others suggest that as the force of universal gravity changes, the Earth keeps expanding. There are professors who have written books that explain more about the Expanding Earth. However, none of the reasons they presented about the theory won favor amongst supporters.

The best reconstructions can be found on YouTube in form of Expanding Earth videos. There is an increase of authors who support the Expanding Earth. They have received praise of different sources and the significance of evidence that predict a reduced gravity earth. The authors also show implications of the Expanding Earth. The most told explanation of the Expanding Earth is increase in mass.

Most scientific papers and books have repeatedly shown evidence of dinosaurs living in reduced gravity. Increasing mass Expanding Earth is the most ideal solution for the evidence. The extra mass can be explained to come from cosmic material that increase the extra mass. The cosmic material gets transported by use of a geological process such as subduction, sediment transport and erosion. The material is transported to the interior parts of the earth.

There are other people who have provided a variety of reasons that support mass increase. The confusion lays on which mass process is highly likely. Up until today, the discussion still ongoing. There have been conferences that allow different engineers and scientist to present their papers about Expanding Earth theory. The debate as to if the earth expands is something that will keep going on for a long time to come.

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