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Tips on a Trip to Melbourne

Melbourne is a sight to behold. Having to visit this place is indeed a great way for you to have your rest. In Melbourne, you are able to explore the gold rush days and have a luxury wine tour. Additionally, you can surf to the world famous beach. Furthermore, you can take a walk on its stunning national park. Tips on what to do and where to go in Melbourne are listed out in here.

First thing you can consider when you visit Melbourne is to go on a day trip to Dandenong Ranges. These ranges are said to be an hour east from Melbourne. Having a drive to Dandenong ranges is quite fabulous and superb because you can see the tall mountain, ash forests and lush land. One place you should also go when you are in Dandenong Ranges is the small villages with their cafes and restaurants. The cages and restaurants in Dandenong Ranges are quite popular because of its awe-inspiring craft materials.

If you are looking for a less adventure yet classy trip, you can have the Yarra Valley Wine tour. To get to the Yarra Valley Wine tour, you must drive one hour northeast of Melbourne. The Yarra Valley Wine tour is also known for its magnificent scenery. Furthermore, there are a lot of wineries which are of good quality can be found in the Yarra Valley. In Yarra Valley, lunch, art gallery and wine tasting are few of the activities that can be done in here.

Third thing you can consider to visit in Melbourne is the famous Hanging rock. This place is popular because of its splendid rock formation. Another place that is towards the northwest of Melbourne is the gold rush town of Ballarat. The gold rush craze and wealth are very much evident in Ballarat. lastly, you vacation in Melbourne will not be complete without visiting their beaches. One famous activity at Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay is surf beaches. Moreover, there is a famous beach called Bells Beach where surfing championships are usually held.

In the whole duration of your busy week, you need to take a rest from all the work. Vacationing to Melbourne is a good choice for a breather. The places that you can possibly visit are not limited to the ones listed above. There are still the Great ocean Road, the Grampians and Penguins on Phillip Island. There is more in store for you in Melbourne. Hence, do not be double minded in visiting Melbourne. More information is available in here.

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