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The Top 5 Most Addictive Android Games

This is a simple yet addicting game that you should have on your phone. You are pretty much controlling an airport and trying to land and take off planes without making them crash into each other. Once you get the hang of it, the game is really fun and you are always wanting to play more of it.

So what is this Playstation Phone that everyone is talking about? It’s a, well, phone. It runs a flavor of Android. And its hardware is no better (or worse, in its defense) than what the current breed of Android phones offers. What separates it from the other Android phones, then? A single piece of software, that’s what.

While there is no 3G access on this device it runs on WI-fi. So anywhere you have a wireless connection, you can browse and download content. One of the biggest factors that differentiates the Kindle Fire from other tablets that have failed in the past is the Amazon app store. This gives users access to thousands of android games and applications. They even feature a “free app of the day” to allow you to get free content. Many popular games such as Angry birds have been featured through this program.

Dell Streak 7 is one of the oldest Android based tablets. On its launch, it used to run on the Android 2.2. It’s compact, highly customizable and you can run any Android app on it! The Kindle app can readily be had for less than 0. As Honeycomb can be installed on it by yourself you can enjoy using its reliable hardware specification.

This mobile phone allow users to have quality graphics and sounds to be experience while playing the game on it. It has high resolution which make the graphics more clear and much better.

The Tablet S comes preloaded with an app for connecting to Android Market to download apps. The Sony Tablet also includes a File Transfer app to make transfers to and from the tablet or SD slot easy and painless.

Solitaire Free Pack: Right! this is a game which usually be included in Windows os. Now, it’s available for free for your Android. Solitaire Free Pack is actually the lite version of the popular Solitaire MegaPack. It’s packed with 43 great card games.